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Selligent provides relationship marketers with the tools they need to be successful. Major brands around the world have discovered the importance and impact of data-driven omnichannel marketing. They know that they need to embrace marketing automation, and they’re actively seeking agency and marketing service partners for reassurance, capabilities, and expertise. Now is the time to seize the omnichannel opportunity with the Selligent Partner Program!

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Why partner? Doing it alone is hard work


Pitching is hard

New business referrals never come when you need them


Proving ROI is hard

Getting access to client tools is hard and reconciling the differences is near impossible


Project-forecasting is hard

Unpredictable cash flow hinders your ability to plan and grow your business

That's where we come in

We help agencies and MSPs deliver the impact your clients expect. Our Partner Program enables you to market, sell, and deliver defendable omnichannel capabilities for true 1-to-1 marketing. With partners in over 20 countries, together we’re helping deliver billions of omnichannel messages, to the right people at the right time.

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