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Sylvie Tongco

Sylvie Tongco

VP Communications and Corporate Marketing


Sylvie is Selligent Marketing Cloud’s VP Communications and Corporate Marketing. Based in San Francisco, she has worked in the technology industry for 14+ years, managing both PR and employee communications. Passionate about storytelling, Sylvie has spent the majority of her career helping Silicon Valley startups, enterprise companies, and venture capital firms unlock their stories to build long-term brand and thought leadership with media. Outside Selligent Marketing Cloud, you can find Sylvie rocking out at live concerts in the Bay Area and somewhere near you, while checking out the food scene and latest workout craze.

Image of Minnesota Vikings and Selligent company logos side by side on their respective company colors, signifying the NFL team’s decision to use Selligent to deliver personalized content to fans based on their activities across channels

Welcome Minnesota Vikings!

Sep 03, 2020  News

A montage of 25 people, each in a separate square in rows of five, representing different ages, genders, races, and ethnicities, with each person posing or doing something to reflect individuality, highlighting the importance of a customer-first approach to marketing

Customer-First Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

Jun 16, 2020  Digital-Marketing

Image of FreshDirect & Selligent company logos, next to a smartphone photo of a box of fresh produce, representing FreshDirect’s delivery of foods fresh from the farm to consumers

Welcome FreshDirect!

Feb 25, 2020  News

They came, they saw, they hacked

Mar 07, 2019  News

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