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Randy Kershner

Randy Kershner

Senior Copywriter & Content Lead


Randy joined the Selligent Marketing Cloud corporate marketing team after a decade in the agency world, where he most recently worked as associate creative director and senior copywriter for a boutique WPP firm. Randy has a lifelong fascination with words and the power they have to move and influence people. He has written for a broad range of clients across a variety of channels and industries, from retail and consumer products, to real estate, technology, education, health and nutrition, hospitals, non-profits and more.

From left to right, side views of a child, a woman, and a man, standing in front of a Selligent Marketing Cloud logo, all holding and looking down at their smartphones and engaged with the content they are reading or viewing

8 Key Stats for Media & Publishing Marketers

Dec 22, 2020  Digital-Marketing

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