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Priyanka Mazagaonkar

Priyanka Mazagaonkar

Director of Engineering, Selligent Marketing Cloud


Priyanka Mazagaonka is Director of Engineering at Selligent Marketing Cloud. She has worked with the software technology industry over 15 years, having started her career as a software engineer and moving on to a management role soon after. She has been managing engineering teams across the globe for a few years now and has a keen interest in exploring how products can make an entry into Cloud and related domains. She has extensive experience being a part of and coordinating with offshore teams, especially in the area of new development and technology exploration. Ms. Mazagaonkar also loves to paint and write about her adventure hikes through various National Parks in the US.

Juggling Act, Part 2: The Facilitator

Apr 18, 2019  Customer-Experience

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