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Jeroen de Graaf, Selligent Partner (Ematters)

Jeroen de Graaf, Selligent Partner (Ematters)

Managing Director, Ematters


Jeroen de Graaf is Managing Director at Ematters, an agency of marketing and data engineers from Amsterdam devoted to helping brands create more digital engagement and online conversion. Ematters is an official partner of Selligent. Jeroen is an expert in marketing automation, eCRM (email), and marketing consultancy. At eMatters, he is responsible for the strategy and company management, with a forward-looking focus on innovation and optimization.

Selligent Marketing Cloud and Ematters logos side-by-side, above a graphic illustration of the Amsterdam Arena, site of a recent event the two companies hosted on data and artificial intelligence in marketing

Data and AI: Could AI change your business?

Sep 30, 2020  Artificial-Intelligence

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