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Hava Billen

Hava Billen

Selligent Marketing Cloud Classroom Trainer


Hava Billen is a Selligent Marketing Cloud classroom trainer, educating companies how to use our intelligent marketing automation platform to better engage with their customers. Hava loves to analyze social behavior and market trends from a consumer and business point of view. She has spent the last 10 years travelling the world, working in multi-lingual, multi-cultural teams. This has allowed her to learn a lot about adapting to changes and intercultural diversity from a work and social perspective.
In her free time, Hava enjoys sports, outdoor activities, exploring new cuisines, wine, art, learning new languages, reading books, listening to podcasts, and laughing with her friends.  Probably the weirdest thing she has ever done is to sign up for beginners figure ice skating class with 5-6 year old ladies. “Being on the skate rink with uplifting music is one of the most relaxing activities for me,” she says. “Although when I took ice skating classes with the group of young ladies, I felt really embarrassed falling down and being watched by their parents.” It’s the price to pay when you crave for learning things at an older age.
Like many millennials, Hava cares about the environment and likes to contribute by choosing a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle 90% of her time. She also likes exploring brands that are eco-friendly and sustainable. She also occasionally engages in social causes such as protection of children with vulnerable backgrounds, especially in her home country of Bulgaria.

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