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Audrey Flament

Audrey Flament

Client & Partner Success Manager


Audrey Flament is an experienced marketer who loves combining technologies with a human touch, to build strong relationships between customers and brands. Specialized in CRM and multichannel communication, she worked as Digital and Direct Marketing Manager at Beiersdorf. Then, as Media Expert at bpost, Audrey supported many companies from various sectors (including retail, FMCG, banking, media and publishing, travel, public, and recruitment) to enhance their CRM and acquisition strategies. She shared her knowledge as Professor at IHECS high school, where she taught “Direct Marketing and CRM Strategies” and is now supporting the strategies of Selligent’s clients, as Client and Partner Success Manager.

A hand on the left side pointing to and interacting with a circular image on the right that looks like an eyeball, with dice in the center and several spokes and graphic designs radiating out from the center of the circle and three gaming icons bursting out of the circle, including a light bulb, a trophy, and puzzle pieces.

Gamification in Marketing: Leveling Up

Jun 22, 2021  Digital-Marketing

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