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April Mullen

April Mullen

Director of Consumer-First Adoption


April Mullen leads North American client strategy and innovation for Selligent. As an evangelist of Consumer-First marketing, she guides her clients to build better relationships with connected and empowered consumers. Bringing experience from over a decade on both the agency and client sides of relationship marketing, Mullen understands the complexities and challenges that face marketers in today’s competitive environment. April also co-founded the industry group, “Women of Email” and is an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Email and the Data Privacy Apocalypse

Sep 05, 2019  Data-Privacy

Photograph of a woman wearing a black dress, on a stage in front of a marquee displaying the conference name "eTail".

From the Stage: Recapping eTail East 2019

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Are You Prepared for the Mobile Tipping Point

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Capitalize on the Success of Email and Mobile

Capitalize on the Success of Email and Mobile

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Giving Thanks to Email

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The Four Ghosts Still Haunting Email Marketing

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5 Holiday Retail Strategies for September

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To Centralize Or Not to Centralize That Is The Question

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Don't Wait To Provide A Great Customer Experience

Apr 16, 2015  Customer-Experience

Overcoming Email Reporting Blind Spots

Feb 05, 2015  Email-Marketing

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