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Selligent for marketers

One platform. Infinite possibilities.

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Selligent Launch for Audi A3 Sportback - A CRM Love Story

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24-day Countdown Sweepstakes

One of the main tools to drive engagement and loyalty among existing customers is the annual Advent Calendar Sweepstakes, now in its fourth year.

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Influencing Brand Preference

Engaging consumers in meaningful conversations across all channels is the newest requirement for brand success.

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Selligent - Omnichannel Audience Engagement for Retail

Selligent's marketing automation platform supports retailers who are trying to deepen their engagement with customers and visitors.

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Selligent Target: Build rich audience profiles and make them actionable

Imagine if you had a 360º profile for each online visitor drawn from all his interactions with your brand. Knowing how loyal he is, how often he visits your website, what he is looking for, his interests and how engaged he is with your brand.

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Going Global: Programmatic Audience Development Around the World

This white paper, published in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau, will explore market dynamics and present a snapshot of how publishers, marketers and technologists are "going global"

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MRM with Selligent

Marketing is getting more complex, and yet marketing departments are expected to do more with less. To achieve that, CMOs need tools to optimize team productivity and have clear insight in marketing spending and ROI.

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Responsive Email Design

When your email is not optimized for representation on a smaller screen your mobile device will try its best to visualize the email by introducing a scrollbar or scaling the content

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Designing and sending emails

Email marketing can be a wonderful tool, if done right. Good email marketing does not only create benefits for the sender. In this guide we will give you some tips and best practices for setting up effective email campaigns.

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Collaborative white paper: Direct Marketing

From Big Data to omnichannel, Selligent's collaborative white paper on direct marketing will help you to learn new insights on the Digital World. With multiple years of experience between them in the digital arena, our 12 experts share their vision.

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Selligent’s Approach to Integrated Marketing

This paper by Raab Associates presents Selligent's point of view on integrated marketing.

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Selligent Customer Intelligence: turn data into customer intelligence

In today's digital world, brands collect tons of data. But more data doesn't mean better marketing. You need a marketing solution that turns all this data into actionable customer insights to drive more effective marketing.

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Selligent Social: Use social in a cross-channel relationship marketing strategy

Like all successful brands, you have a strong social presence. You post exciting content, you run campaigns to grow your fan base, you have many followers on Twitter and monitor consumer sentiment.

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Selligent - Interactive Marketing Solutions

Selligent's solutions deliver marketers the necessary power to engage with consumers in interactive dialogues, eliminating operational hurdles and opening up endless opportunities.

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Social media in the cross-channel marketing strategy

The hottest topic in marketing and communication is without any doubt social media marketing. Although many businesses are still testing the waters, many others have successfully integrated social media in their marketing mix.

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Efficient customer interactions: how to prevent marketing fatigue?

People are flooded with marketing messages. The number of communication channels has increased explosively, and they're being used more intensely than ever. It becomes harder for companies to develop relevant communication.

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E-mail marketing for the cross-channel customer : moving towards integrated interactive marketing

E-mail marketing is the most used channel for interactions between people and companies. Yet other channels are rapidly being embraced by consumers.

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