Customer Care


Customer Care

The integration of customer service capabilities into a robust omnichannel marketing platform enables true 360-degree visibility across every customer touchpoint. Easily integrate online and offline contact history, configure workflows, track activities, and automatically trigger responses.

Case Study: MMV

MMV uses integrates customer service into its omnichannel programs to support timely and relevant messaging across the entire travel lifecycle.

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Key Benefits

  • Full Business Process Management (BPM) Support Easily integrate BPM components into any marketing flow to allow people to evolve from one state to another. Set parameters for when individuals go through different processes, either through interaction with an agent or by being automatically triggered by a predetermined event. Empower agents to view and update a contact’s record – or to push him or her into the next state.
  • Automatic Customer Feedback Routing Automatically trigger feedback surveys after every interaction and schedule follow-up steps that depend on the responses. Ensure that negative feedback gets rapid attention and positive feedback gets shared with marketing. Make the input from your consumers effective and empowering.
  • Robust Assignment and Distribution Rules Set very granular permission controls for every level of your team to ensure the right tasks are routed to the right representative -- while also maximizing workflow efficiency.
  • Customer Queue Dashboard Empower each of your reps to log in and see specific tasks waiting in their queue. Gain the insight you need to effectively manage your reps' queues and gauge performance with triggered notifications based on late follow-ups, access oversight reporting, and other key data points.
  • Customizable Agent Forms Customize the information that's editable by each agent. Create forms to help them gather the information that you require through their consumer conversations. Make changes that are then automatically pushed out to your field the next time they log in. Offer different forms associated to each agent by managing permissions.

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