Optimize and Measure


Optimize and Measure

Incremental enhancements add up to significant ROI – so make sure every single interaction is optimized for when, where, and how it’s being experienced. Our analytic dashboards and responsive design tools reveal how your audience is consuming your content so you can meet their expectations, every time.

Maximize your messaging in the moment, optimize scheduling and cadence, and refine your personalized selling approach with our intuitive testing features, sample group controls, automated winner selection, and robust result reporting. With Selligent, you can learn from past experiences to optimize for the future.

Key benefits

  • A/B split and multi-variate testing with instant optimization Selligent’s easy-to-use testing suite makes it possible to incorporate automated tests at every step of your customer’s journey. Leverage our A/B automated winner capability, or test multiple parts of your creative and understand what outperforms with our MVT reporting. Ensure benchmarking for your business requirements with options for both random or persistent control groups. By testing what works and what doesn’t, will help you will move that needle!
  • Real-time monitoring and performance reporting No more waiting around for analytics results. Selligent’s real-time monitoring and reporting of program performance lets you make program improvements immediately. Our clickstream data is gathered and updated in real time, which means you get pulse reporting as soon as your campaign starts generating activity. And this real-time view also extends to detailed deliverability dashboards, which identify potential issues for rapid resolution.
  • Customizable dashboards With Selligent’s fully customizable dashboards, you can gain quick access to the most critical KPIs for your business. Whether you’re using our standard reporting or have created a library of custom reports, you can pin any combination of them to your dashboard. And you can create different dashboards for each user by associating set reporting landing pages to specific permission roles.
  • Snapshot reports, deep dive BI tools, real-time site analytics Selligent’s comprehensive reporting and analytics provide high-level trend information and a granular understanding for every aspect of your marketing programs. From site activity to campaign performance, you won’t just know who your customer is, you’ll know when, why, and how they are engaging with your brand. With our business intelligence suite, you can dive in deeper to visually explore your data and find untapped value segments.
  • Automated responsive design content rendering Creating responsive design templates doesn’t have to be a chore. Selligent automatically converts your content to ensure optimal rendering on every device. No need to create multiple versions -- we do it for you! Plus, our responsive previews let you see your content exactly as your consumer would see it.

Embrace Consumer-First Marketing.

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