Optimize and Measure

Optimize and Measure

Incremental enhancements add up to significant ROI – so make sure every single interaction is optimized for when, where, and how it’s being experienced. Our analytic dashboards and responsive design tools reveal how your audience is consuming your content so you can meet their expectations, every time.
Multi-variate and A/B testing tools with guided workflows can deploy automatically to the winning population. We support random and control test groups, and test components can be dragged into any lifecycle.
Up-to-the-minute, customizable and exportable reporting is available out of the box to do the work for you. Configurable reporting portals reduce need for customization and help you stay on top of key trends.
Maximize your messaging of the moment, optimize scheduling and cadence, and refine your personalized selling approach with our intuitive testing features, sample group controls, automated winner selection, and robust result reporting. Learn from past experiences to optimize for the future.


  • A/B and multi-variate testing
  • Responsive design/message preview
  • Cadence management and message prioritization
  • Real-time reporting

Key benefits

  • A/B split and multi-variate testing with instant optimization
  • Real-time monitoring and performance reporting
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Snapshot reports, deep dive BI tools, real-time site analytics
  • Automated responsive design content rendering

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