Contextual Personalization

Contextual Personalization

Nurture more profitable customer relationships with messaging relevant to each person’s current context.  Deliver personalized data-driven content in the moment by tying real-time customer behavioral data to individual consumer profiles.
Our dynamic content tools help you leverage customer information to marry a message to a moment and deliver true contextual marketing across all channels.
Change the experience as your customer clicks through your website so each page served is more relevant than the last.  Deliver an email message that gives deeper information about the product she just abandoned in her cart.  Follow up a customer service communication with a useful response.  Deliver content when, how, and where your customer wants it.


  • Drag-and-drop personalization
  • Rule-based dynamic content
  • Agile content
  • Site personalization
  • Guided workflows and configuration

Key benefits

  • Automated content assembly driven from profile data
  • Simple drag-and-drop UI to define complex logic
  • Rule-based dynamic content, social sharing, and mobile device viewing
  • Adapt, optimize, and update content at the time of open (countdown clocks, geo-location, social feeds, etc.)
  • Personalize web pages in session while your consumer browses

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