Contextual Personalization


Contextual Personalization

Nurture more profitable customer relationships with messaging relevant to each person’s current context. Deliver personalized data-driven content in the moment by tying real-time behavioral data to individual consumer profiles.

Our dynamic content tools help you use consumer information to marry a message to a moment and deliver true contextual marketing across all channels.

Change the experience as consumers click through your website so each page served is more relevant than the last. Deliver an email message that gives deeper information about the product she just abandoned in her cart. Follow up a customer service communication with a useful response. Deliver content when, how, and where each consumer wants it.

Key benefits

  • Automated content assembly driven from profile data Responding to consumers based on their real-time context requires automation. Selligent makes it easy to automatically trigger and personalize content based on any number of behaviors or actions. Equally important, instead of managing thousands of templates to respond to every possible type of message, Selligent makes it possible to have one template with millions of permutations. Now you can create a library of content snippets that can automatically be called upon and inserted into a message when triggered by a predefined action by the consumer.
  • Define complex logic easily with drag-and-drop UI Selligent empowers marketers to create complex journeys with drag-and-drop simplicity. By dragging colorful icons onto an interactive canvas, marketers can create multi-step, cross-channel journeys with any number of decision branches for determining audiences, reporting, optimization, and more. 1-to-1 messaging is at the heart of contextual personalization, and Selligent’s visual designer makes it easy for marketers to plan, create, test, optimize, and report.
  • Use rules to drive dynamic content, social sharing, and mobile viewing Be "in the moment" with your consumer through dynamic logic that automates the experience with relevant messages delivered on the right channel. Selligent's simple interface helps you craft complex scenarios for serving up dynamic content when and where it matters most--no coding necessary!
  • Adapt, optimize, and update content when a message is opened When, where, and how a consumer interacts with your message is an essential driver of contextual messaging. Open-time personalization uses important situational data like time, location, device and more into account to personalize the message when it’s opened – not when it’s sent. With this form of live content, your message can always be relevant, regardless of whether a consumer is travelling, in a rainstorm, or on a mobile device.
  • Personalize web pages in session while your consumer browses Imagine if you could serve up web content based on engagement rules that you’ve set up on your site. Selligent’s in-session web personalization functionality makes this possible. Not only can you find out what type of content most resonates with each customer by tracking how many times she’s clicked on specific links and for how long, you can update the pages she sees in real-time to make sure each click gets her closer to a conversion.

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