Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Easily launch integrated campaigns and quickly identify cross-channel opportunities by using one platform for all outbound marketing. React and reinforce messaging to the customer, on any channel.
Set up complex, multi-touch, decision-based communication streams with ease. Design lifecycle campaigns – incorporating touches across email, SMS, push, social, site, and more.  
Selligent’s intuitive interface blends ease of use with advanced functionality so you can create, personalize, test, launch, and optimize highly relevant cross-channel campaigns. Dramatically improve production efficiency so you can spend more time on strategy.


  • Journey map/lifecycle marketing
  • Cross-channel execution
  • Cadence management
  • Permission roles/workflow
  • Template controls
  • Reporting

Key benefits

  • Effortless content authoring
  • Intuitive journey map designer
  • Link journeys, trigger messages, and reap the benefits of flexible scheduling and automation
  • Validation and proofing tools to ensure flawless programs
  • Drag-and-drop marketing automation
  • Frequency and prioritization controls
  • Content flexibility governed by strict template and permission controls
  • Workflow and user group management

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