Campaign Management


Campaign Management

Easily launch integrated campaigns and quickly identify cross-channel opportunities by using one platform for all outbound marketing. React and reinforce messaging to every consumer, on any channel.

Set up complex, multi-touch, decision-based communication streams with ease. Design lifecycle campaigns – incorporating touches across email, SMS, push, social, website, and more.

Selligent’s intuitive interface blends ease of use with advanced functionality so you can create, personalize, test, launch, and optimize highly relevant omnichannel campaigns. Dramatically improve production efficiency so you can spend more time on strategy.

Key benefits

  • Intuitive journey map designer Selligent’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create multi-step journeys across email, mobile, web, offline, and more. Link together behavior-based triggered messaging across all channels from one unified UI. By effectively optimizing the experience for every consumer, you can reap the reward of flexible automation in terms of increased loyalty, engagement, and conversions.
  • Validation and proofing tools to ensure flawless programs Make sure your marketing programs work with powerful validation and proofing tools that can test every iteration of a complex customer journey. In-line preview for every channel, delivery optimization testing, live data sampling, and automated responsive design generation can help ensure that every message you deliver reflects your current relationship with your consumer.
  • Drag-and-drop omnichannel marketing From building targets based on a myriad of different attributes to laying out highly complex journeys, Selligent’s drag-and-drop tools make it easy to create lifecycle experiences for every step of your customer’s journey. Don't waste hours on coding: our visual tools let you spend your time on strategy and optimization. Using our library of intuitive icons, you can drag-and-drop your way to automation proficiency.
  • Frequency and prioritization controls With multiple programs being triggered off multiple types of consumer actions, managing the cadence of your messages is the only way to ensure that you’re not overwhelming your customers. Selligent lets you set message frequency controls at the user, campaign, channel, or program level. Simply drag-and-drop different prioritization rules to immediately see the impact of your changes. You can also set global oversite rules to control messages being scheduled by managers across divisions and geographies.
  • Content flexibility governed by strict template and permission controls Every interaction with a consumer is an opportunity to reinforce your brand. Use Selligent’s content governance functionality to create a library of approved templates that will ensure branding consistency while giving individual editors flexibility. Set permissions for who should be able to access and modify entire templates, sections of templates, target audiences, and more.

Embrace Consumer-First Marketing.

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