Behavioral Retargeting

Behavioral Retargeting

Track and gather on-domain browse data in real-time with our proprietary tracking tags, which enables you to create unified profiles for anonymous visitors and identified customers alike.  Use simple, guided workflows to analyze and define your audiences based on their actions, purchase history, or CRM profile data – and then retarget those audiences in your lifecycle campaigns based on the rules you establish.
In order to treat audiences differently, you have to be able to group them appropriately. Selligent helps you find your high performers, target those with similar data profiles, and design campaigns to win back lapsed customers or accelerate low performers.
Our point-and-click interface guides you through each data selection. Pre-set drivers and easy toggles for “and/or” exclusions and nesting makes developing complex query logic a snap!



  • Real-time behavioral tracking and targeting
  • Rule-based content serving
  • Multi-channel remarketing
  • Easy segmentation
  • Drag-and-Drop interface
  • Anonymous targeting and conversion

Key benefits

  • Real-time behavioral tracking and database updates enable data-driven personalization
  • Easily employ behavior-based offer targeting
  • Simple segmentation puts data in the marketer’s hands
  • Recognize and personalize experiences for both known and anonymous visitors
  • Blend browse and CRM data to drive conversions  
  • Convert anonymous users to known users

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