Behavioral Retargeting


Behavioral Retargeting

Track and gather on-domain browse data in real-time with proprietary tracking tags that create profiles for anonymous visitors and identified customers alike. With Selligent, you can use simple, guided workflows to analyze and define your audiences based on their actions, purchase history, or CRM profile data – and retarget those audiences in your lifecycle campaigns based on the rules you establish.

Selligent helps you find your high performers, target those with similar data profiles, and design campaigns to match. With our point-and-click interface to guide you through each data selection, and pre-set drivers and toggles for “and/or” exclusions and nesting, Selligent makes developing complex query logic a snap!

Key benefits

  • Real-time behavioral tracking and database updates enable data-driven personalization With Selligent’s data-driven personalization, when a visitor clicks on a link in a webpage or email, that action is captured and added to her profile. And once in the profile, that data automatically changes any existing rules for triggering or assembling content, which ensures that each message reflects the consumer’s latest engagement with the brand. By shrinking the gap between insight and action, brands can achieve new levels of personalization never before possible.
  • Easily employ behavior-based offer targeting Selligent’s behavior-based tracking enables you to dictate who should see the content, when they should see it, what criteria makes them eligible to see it, and how long they should be able to see it. Each offer is driven by the rules you set and the context of the person engaging with it. By serving up offers and content based on a consumer’s real-time behavior, you can better pique her interest and increase her response potential.
  • Simple segmentation puts data in the marketer’s hands Segmenting audiences based on behavior helps you maximize your marketing investment and identify valuable new segments. If you could immediately see that people who visit your site for at least 3 minutes are more likely to purchase than those who visit for 2 minutes, how would you respond? With Selligent, you could sweeten the offer to the first group and entice the second one to stay an extra minute, thereby moving them into a more convertible threshold.
  • Recognize and personalize experiences for both known and anonymous visitors Selligent enables you to personalize content for each website visitor – whether known or anonymous. Keywords searched on to find your site can be used to personalize your landing page, or the first couple of clicks on your site can be used to serve up relevant pop-in offers that when clicked can convert unknown users to known ones. Once identified, visitors will have an even more meaningful experience as you leverage past interaction history and CRM data to customize the content served up with every click.
  • Blend browse and CRM data to drive conversions   CRM data is a key pillar of personalization that is made even stronger when combined with interaction data to respond in the moment. 3 months ago, your customer bought a lipstick in-store, and today she’s at your cosmetics website. Knowing that the average person consumes a tube every 3 months, you can send a welcome message featuring top trending colors. Then, as she clicks over to glosses you can seal the deal by serving up a highly relevant offer – buy a lipstick and a gloss for 25% off.

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