Open Architecture

Key Benefits

  • Reliable, secure performance at scale
  • 99.9% uptime, 99% deliverability, 24/7 - 365 support
  • Self-service UI for imports, exports, and transformations
  • Flexible architecture enables easy integration with new and emerging channels
  • Out-of-the-box or customizable connectors to e-commerce, CRM,  mobile, and display partners
  • Rapid onboarding

Optimize and Measure

Key benefits

  • A/B split and multi-variate testing with instant optimization
  • Real-time monitoring and performance reporting
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Snapshot reports, deep dive BI tools, real-time site analytics
  • Automated responsive design content rendering

Campaign Management

Key benefits

  • Effortless content authoring
  • Intuitive journey map designer
  • Link journeys, trigger messages, and reap the benefits of flexible scheduling and automation
  • Validation and proofing tools to ensure flawless programs
  • Drag-and-drop marketing automation
  • Frequency and prioritization controls
  • Content flexibility governed by strict template and permission controls
  • Workflow and user group management

Contextual Personalization

Key benefits

  • Automated content assembly driven from profile data
  • Simple drag-and-drop UI to define complex logic
  • Rule-based dynamic content, social sharing, and mobile device viewing
  • Adapt, optimize, and update content at the time of open (countdown clocks, geo-location, social feeds, etc.)
  • Personalize web pages in session while your consumer browses

Universal Consumer Profile

Key benefits

  • Universal profiles that tie all data back to the individual
  • Flexible data management
  • Easy integration with multiple and diverse data sources
  • Schema that can be easily modified on-the-fly as your program evolves
  • Automatic updates of all clickstream and behavioral response data
  • Seamless sync of cross-channel data with your in-house system of record

Behavioral Retargeting

Key benefits

  • Real-time behavioral tracking and database updates enable data-driven personalization
  • Easily employ behavior-based offer targeting
  • Simple segmentation puts data in the marketer’s hands
  • Recognize and personalize experiences for both known and anonymous visitors
  • Blend browse and CRM data to drive conversions  
  • Convert anonymous users to known users