Get your content in shape

Ensure your content captures attention by automatically customizing it for each channel. Perfectly suited for media, entertainment, and publishing companies, Selligent helps you understand how audiences are consuming your content so that you can optimize at every opportunity.

Deliver localized, relevant experiences

Always be where your reader is now – not two hours ago. Today’s consumers demand relevant and current content from their favorite media brands. Selligent helps you take advantage of the latest geo-fencing capabilities, real-time hyper-localized dynamic content, and more!

Drive subscription and renewal

Automated communication flows that nurture new subscriptions and renewal are critical to every media company. Selligent’s easy drag-and-drop journey builder helps you design complex multi-channel streams that are updated in real time with every click, purchase, or page view.

Re-engage subscribers

Keeping consumers engaged with content is a top priority for any media, entertainment, or publishing company. Selligent enables you to use targeted cross-channel messaging to prompt offline subscribers to come back and consume more content. And once there, we can help extend their stay by promoting additional content based on browse behavior.

Arm your editors and authors

Selligent helps you manage brand control corporately, while granting your editors and remote authors complete content flexibility. Our unique template capability allows you to set permission restrictions for each template so users can modify only what you want them to.

Monetize your network

Selligent’s proprietary tagging system enables you to track and capture all site browse behavior.  Through our easy-to-use interface, not only can you identify and create audiences, you can link them to external networks to sell inventory or retarget them for your own benefit.