MediaPost Brand Marketers Insider Summit


MediaPost Brand Marketers Insider Summit

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Marketers care about “channels.” Consumers don’t. For customers, the brands that are there when needed with the right offer at the right price will win. The challenge for marketers now is weaving together those social, mobile, content, in-store, video and TV touchpoints into something like a coherent experience for customers new and old.

The 2017 Brand Marketer’s Insider Summit will explore three key components of integrating the many channels now available to marketers: defining the experience, leveraging the data,and supplying the touchpoints with the right content.

As one of this year’s Title Sponsors, Selligent will kick off the conference with our signature:

Breakfast Presentation

When: March 8th at 8:15am


Starting your day off around noon? No problem! Find us around the conference or schedule a meeting using the link below.