Examples of Campaigns to Win Back Emails

If your business has ever lost customers, you know just how difficult in can be to win them back. Win-back email campaigns are a great way to re-establish a bond between you and your audience and encourage them to give your product or service another shot. Here are three examples of successful win-back email campaigns. 

1. We miss you.

Who doesn't like hearing that they are missed? A simple subject line such as, "We miss you" or "We're sad when you're away" is often enough to grab a customer's attention and invite him or her to open your email. Follow up your declaration with a promotion or news about what has changed with your brand while the customer was away. Whatever it is, the call to action should be something the reader cannot read and forget.

Take this opportunity to be creative. This is an email that needs to catch your audience's attention, so don't miss your chance!

2. It looks like you left something in your cart! 

For retailers, win-back emails reminding shoppers of items they've placed in their carts and abandoned are key. Maybe a customer liked an item and placed it in his or her cart then had second thoughts or simply got distracted. Sending a reminder email is a great way to get the customer thinking about that specific item again. Possible subject lines include, "Oops, you forgot something," or "We've saved your cart!"

This type of email immediately has the customer thinking about what was forgotten. It's a good idea to show pictures of the items in the cart along with prices and a CTA to make a purchase. 

3. Dear [Customer's Name].

Establishing a personal connection with your customers is key to building loyalty. But sometimes that personal connection might not be strong enough and your customer leaves you for a competitor. One of the best ways to win them back is by bringing that personal connection back. An email that starts with the customer's name is more personal than just saying, "Hello."

One important note here is to personalize the email, but don't get too personal. Even though you may have a lot of information in your system about a former customer based on his or her previous actions, you do not need to reveal all of that in a win-back email. Getting too personal will make the customer uncomfortable.

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