Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is a part of customer relationship management (CRM) that aims to make long-term customer engagement and retention a priority rather than just sales transactions or one-time relationships. 1-to-1 relationship marketing takes the contextual approach even further, placing a high emphasis on customers' behaviors, situations, and unique buying needs.


Why You Should Adopt Relationship Marketing

Successful salespeople are constantly preaching that it’s not the product that sells — it’s the relationship that sells. Relationship marketing builds trust and familiarity between a company and its customers. Here are a few reasons relationship marketing is one of the most crucial components to any successful marketing plan.

Relationship Marketing Shows Respect and Relevancy

By considering the audience's preferences, marketers can show their customers that they respect their time. Focusing not simply on a sales pitch but on how a product or service can make their lives easier makes customers feel as though their comfort is the company’s focus.

Marketers need to concentrate on keeping all messages to customers contextually relevant for customer engagement. Selligent Marketing Cloud defines customer context as the unique combination of the customer's disposition and situation, along with the business's disposition and situation. 

Relationship Marketing Builds Trust and Loyalty

By steering a message away from sales and toward being helpful on a personal level, relationship marketing supports the start of a strong bond between company and customer. Selligent Marketing Cloud helps companies deliver consistent messaging through our omnichannel engagement platform, so marketers have accessible customer information at their fingertips to deliver personalized, data-driven content.

By tying real-time customer behavioral data to individual customer profiles, marketers can extend true contextual marketing across all channels.

Dependable, frequent interaction lets customers see the way a company relates and cares about the customer experience. A customer who trusts a company is more likely to be a customer for life.

Selligent Marketing Cloud makes it easy to build strong, personalized relationships with customers through our omnichannel marketing solution. Our track record with many big brands speaks for itself.

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud today for better engagement and insight than ever before across all channels. 

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