Real-Time Marketing Tools

In the world of marketing, customers want relevance. By sharing information that relates to the customer's context, marketers are gathering data-driven insight and engaging customers like never before. Marketers should adopt a 1-to-1 relationship marketing strategy by using real-time personalization and data-driven marketing tools through an omnichannel engagement platform.

Why Real-Time Marketing Tools Matter

Real-time personalization and data-driven marketing tools have become invaluable for marketing professionals seeking to gain better insight into customer behavior. Selligent Marketing Cloud has some of the best real-time marketing tools available today.

Adopting an omnichannel approach to real-time personalization provides marketers with better execution capabilities and insight into the customer's unique situation. Because customers are more connected than ever, they expect an enjoyable, engaging experience. Real-time marketing tools make it possible to develop a contextual understanding of customers in this competitive business environment. 

Real-Time Personalization

Real-time personalization is defined as the process by which businesses mimic the level of interaction and engagement in stores for online engagement. With the goal of driving acquisitions and conversions, marketers use real-time personalization to capture insightful information about customers' behaviors and situations through a cross-channel approach.

Marketers often struggle to reap the full benefits of real-time personalization because of privacy issues, insufficient IT teams, the overwhelming number of vendors across channels, and an overall poor grasp of customer behavior and experience.

Find the right real-time marketing tools by using an omnichannel engagement platform that values contextual personalization, so you can create relevant messages for your target audience—for each individual's current context. Deliver personalized data-driven content in the moment with Selligent Marketing Cloud's dynamic content tools by analyzing real-time customer behavioral data across all channels.

Selligent Marketing Cloud's Omnichannel Marketing Solution

With Selligent Marketing Cloud, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Drag-and-drop personalization 
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Approachable site personalization 
  • Automated content assembly fueled by profile data
  • Content you can adapt, optimize, and update at the time of open 
  • Rapid onboarding
  • Integrated technology to engage your audience
  • Multi-touch, omnichannel campaign creation 

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud today for the best real-time marketing, responsive tools for your business. Selligent Marketing Cloud will make real-time data accessible for targeting and segmentation. 

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