Paid Email Service

Delivery of unique, personalized emails can exponentially enhance a company’s lifecycle marketing program. Such individualized content can optimize both outbound and triggered messages in a manner that has been proven to improve consumer engagement, cultivate loyalty, and drive ROI.

The Right Email Platform Drives Engagement, Loyalty, and ROI

A Direct Marketing Association (DMA) survey revealed that email has a median ROI of 122%, 4x higher than other channels, such as paid searches, direct mailings, and social media. Clearly, email is alive and well.

The right email marketing products can be instrumental in bringing compelling, personalized content to life and motivating consumers to re-engage with the company brand, increase spending, and maintain loyalty. CMOs and marketing directors can utilize effective relationship marketing solutions to focus on a targeted group of consumers through a paid email service.

Segmentation can be initiated, personalization can be implemented, and results can be quantified and analyzed for future marketing campaigns.

Selligent Marketing Cloud

An effective paid email service will meet the consumer’s needs in each moment. The right omnichannel engagement platform blends insight and engagement to provide the personalized messaging experience that today’s consumer seeks.

  • Engagement – The consumer receives the perfect message in a timely manner
  • Loyalty – Long-term customer loyalty relationship building becomes more effective
  • Analysis – In-depth insight is received via comprehensive, native data, and optimization

Evolved Email Marketing

Using an evolved email marketing strategy with cutting-edge proficiency can dramatically increase a company’s effectiveness in improving the company-consumer relationship. CMOs and marketers can make their data work for them by improving the viability of their email marketing strategy while sending millions of personalized messages in minutes.

The ROI radically escalates as the paid email service sends tailored messages across multiple channels in real time, making a positive impact on the consumer. Key benefits of a paid email service include the following features:

  • Performance and scalability
  • Monitoring deliverability
  • Campaign reporting in real time
  • Intuitive authoring tools
  • QA tools and preview
  • Triggered, lifecycle, and batch messaging

Testing Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are worthless if they aren’t reaping results, such as increased customer engagement, improved loyalty, and better ROI. CMOs and marketing directors can utilize A/B testing, or split testing, to determine whether the email marketing campaign can be made more effective.

During A/B testing, different techniques are tested on a select group of customers. This will provide insight into which approach improved performance. Such testing should eventually increase conversion rates because real data will be collected and acted upon. Ultimately, that will drive ROI.

To run an A/B test, create at least two versions of an email. The differences between them can be subtle or extensive. Divide similar customers into comparable groups and send the emails to those groups. The goal is to ascertain which version compels customers toward conversion.

Consider the following components that marketing professionals can change with regard to wording, size, color, or placement:

  • Subject line
  • Headline
  • Length of text
  • Product description
  • Promotional offers
  • Product pricing
  • Call to action

The data collected and analyzed during the A/B test is invaluable. When the consumer base is provided with two versions of the same email, they have an excellent opportunity to make their voices heard with regard to which content compelled them to convert.

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud for more information about how a paid email service and targeted, personalized content can breathe life into your email marketing campaigns and drive customer engagement, loyalty, and ROI. 

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