Omnichannel Execution

Omnichannel marketing is the best way for marketing professionals to target audiences across a variety of channels, such as email, web, mobile, and storefront. Omnichannel execution focuses on targeting customers as they interact with these channels simultaneously.

So why should you implement an omnichannel strategy into your marketing campaigns, and how do you execute the perfect campaign?  

Why Omnichannel?

In today's digital age, customers are connected to brands at every turn, so it is important to make sure your marketing efforts keep up. A new kind of consumer is emerging, and they are more connected than ever. If your online, mobile, and in-store marketing presence doesn't align, customers will be less likely to return to your brand. Omnichannel marketing helps companies provide a consistent and cohesive customer experience across all channels.

How to Execute a Campaign

Executing an omnichannel campaign involves a variety of different processes, including:

  • Creating customer profiles: Creating customer profiles helps you place customers into groups you want to target. You can create customer profiles by gathering data on your own or by using an omnichannel marketing solution that includes customer profile creation. 
  • Gaining insight: You'll need to get insight on your customers to determine which channels you should target and how you should construct your messaging. 
  • Connecting channels: Now that you have all of the information you need to target customers, you can begin choosing your target channels. Try starting with the channels that have the most customer interaction. 
  • Creating content and executing it: Create content that is going to resonate with your customers on all channels and be relevant to their needs in real time. Omnichannel execution is all about messaging and timing. 
  • Reporting and learning: Once you've executed your omnichannel campaign, you should gather reports on its performance and learn from them before you start your next campaign. 

Better Execution with Selligent Marketing Cloud

Technology investment is necessary when it comes to executing a better omnichannel customer experience: encouraging reliable service across all touchpoints, making products accessible, and understanding customer preferences and purchase history. 

With Selligent Marketing Cloud, you can easily create customer profiles, receive insights on customers, design and launch campaigns, receive more reports on how those campaigns are performing, and enjoy better execution capabilities than traditional campaign management solutions.

To learn more about executing an omnichannel experience for your customers, contact us today


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