Natively Integrated Channel Execution

In today's data-driven culture, one of the most important questions for marketing automation and cross-channel marketing vendors is whether or not the software applications that are components of their platform are native applications.


Unlocking Potential with Natively Integrated Channel Execution

Native applications are a necessity for marketers who want to be able to:

  • Automate tasks across channels
  • Deploy state-of-the-art, personalized, cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • Function independently of IT
  • Measure performance in real time and adjust tactics on the fly

Native applications are necessary to accomplish these activities efficiently, as the interaction between software modules runs most effectively when all components are native apps. This affects data hooks, training time, and course corrections. In the native environment, a marketing team can function at high levels without getting enmeshed in technology or relying on IT.

With native execution, tools are available to effectively engage consumers in a meaningful, interactive way. These tools should put the marketer on the front line and in command of the process at every step, from creative thinking to operational execution.

But what tools are needed to understand consumers on a personal level? Look for the following in an easy-to-use, marketer-friendly platform:

  • Customizable dashboards for online viewing and scheduled automated distribution
  • Individual-level reporting that is aggregated per channel and per day with the ability to hone in on detailed interaction level
  • An interactive dashboard offering a 360-degree view of consumers

Selligent Marketing Cloud Executes on Integrated Cross-Channel Promise

Built on a native SaaS platform, Selligent Marketing Cloud combines a single view of the consumer, sophisticated campaign management and cross-channel campaign execution. This platform allows marketers to manage interaction with a single solution.

Selligent Marketing Cloud's Consumer-First Marketing approach is designed to deliver relevant content through its proprietary Data Core architecture, omnichannel execution capability, and intuitive interface. Selligent Marketing Cloud's natively integrated channel execution makes it possible to automatically adapt to changing consumer needs in real-time. 

Natively integrated, Selligent Marketing Cloud helps brands and marketers analyze consumer data and behavior to identify untapped segments and create interaction across email as well as mobile and social websites. In addition, there is a focus on improving consumer care and optimizing offers and campaigns for maximum conversion.

One representative cross-channel consumer is BNP Paribus Fortis, Belgium’s largest bank. Since banks deal with very confidential data and have strict requirements in the area of security, BNP Paribas Fortis worked together intensively with the Selligent team when integrating the tool. Selligent Marketing Cloud supports its consumers with services ranging from implementation to investment optimization over time through project support.

Independent Endorsement Validates Platform & Strategic Direction

A recently released report from Forrester about cross-channel campaign management placed Selligent Marketing Cloud’s strategy in the "strong" category and noted that survey respondents gave the company high marks for data management, campaign automation, personalization, and channel delivery capabilities. 

Cross-channel execution featuring real-time personalization is in reach now. Learn more about ways Selligent Marketing Cloud, an omnichannel engagement platform, is equipped to help marketers succeed

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