Native Omnichannel Execution

Effectively managing all mobile and cross-channel communications for a company can be challenging in today’s market. Fusing a strategy that blends a customer’s needs and preferences with the ever-changing regulations pertaining to customer privacy can be even more difficult.

Native omnichannel execution is a multichannel approach to marketing that aims to improve the consumer experience across multiple channels—expertly increasing deliverability and providing access to vital tracking data that optimizes programs and assists with consumer personalization.

With Selligent Marketing Cloud, the natively integrated omnichannel execution tools use proprietary Data Core to automatically adapt to changing consumer needs in real time. 

How Native Omnichannel Execution Works

With data and execution working as one system, there is no break between a consumer's action and a company's ability to respond with relevant, personalized information. 

Native omnichannel execution involves one platform, provides one solution, and cultivates a unified and consistent relationship with the consumer. The platform chosen should be user friendly and easily implemented into a company’s marketing strategy. A growing amount of consumers can be reached using one platform while inspiring deeper connections and driving ROI.

For marketers interested in understanding the consumer journey, it's easy to see that buying is no longer a linear path. The main benefits of native omnichannel execution include the following:

  • Company ROI: New prospects and current consumers are identified while their needs and interests are met. On-domain consumer browsing data is tracked and integrated in real time. Proprietary tracking tags are utilized, to create unified profiles.
  • Consumer: Selligent Marketing Cloud's Universal consumer “super profile” provides clarity. It enables CMOs to analyze and target without having to manually amalgamate data from various sources. Web activity and cross-channel communications are captured and leveraged to enhance consumer profiles. Processes are streamlined to increase productivity in one operational marketing database. CMOs can analyze personal data, purchase history, online behavioral data, browsing history, and response data in a cost-effective manner. They can target these consumers in subsequent lifecycle campaigns that integrate SMS, email, social, push, site, and more. Consumers are grouped in segments to be targeted appropriately to drive ROI.
  • Personalization: The company-customer relationship becomes more profitable through the delivery of tailored, data-driven content via email marketing, site personalization, and customer service followup. Real-time consumer behavioral data is linked to individual profiles. Integrated campaigns are launched, so the message is relevant to the consumer across all marketing channels. Consumers receive personalized content when, where, and how they want it.
  • Analytics: CMOs can utilize dashboards to identify what campaign content is resonating with consumers. All reporting is current, customizable, and exportable. Companies can stay up to date on trends through configurable reporting portals.  

Selligent Marketing Cloud is an insight-led engagement platform for omnichannel execution. Create and deploy sophisticated campaigns with ease and deliver millions of personalized messages in minutes. It's worked for big brands in many industries, and it'll work for your business too.

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud for more details on how native omnichannel execution can cultivate a consistent consumer relationship through one omnichannel engagement platform. 

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