Multichannel Campaign Management

A multichannel campaign management platform makes it possible for marketers to define and engage customers across all channels, including websites, mobile, social, email, and more.

1-to-1 relationship marketing strategies aim to take a contextual approach to customer engagement and loyalty, and with Selligent Marketing Cloud's omnichannel engagement solution, you can enjoy better execution capabilities, insight, and engagement across all channels. 

What is Multichannel Campaign Management? 

Multichannel campaign management is a practice of interacting with customers across different communication channels. It enables marketers to:

  • Post on all social media channels
  • Send out email campaigns to segmented audiences
  • Answer website inquiries automatically
  • Offer in-depth analytics of all interactions

Marketers who use a reliable, multichannel campaign management solution can perform many marketing tasks simultaneously. It provides access to real-time customer behavioral data so you can deliver personalized messaging across every channel.

Selligent Marketing Cloud’s omnichannel marketing solution emphasizes 1-to-1 relationship marketing and personalization to offer a unique customer experience that drives ROI and helps improve existing performance.

Why You Need a Better Campaign Management Solution

A multichannel campaign management platform frees up time for marketers and offers precise analytics when needed. It’s also useful for more customer engagement and conversions. It will:

  • Keep a company’s marketing message congruent over all channels
  • Encourage customers to stay engaged on every channel
  • Automate tasks so customers can experience real-time engagement
  • Personalize responses and campaigns to pique more interest

The ease of use of these systems is pushing more and more companies to start using a multichannel campaign management platform to keep a competitive edge.

Selligent Marketing Cloud's Omnichannel Engagement Solution

The Selligent Marketing Cloud multichannel campaign management solution is leading the industry because it unifies consumer data and omnichannel engagement into a single natively integrated platform. 

The omnichannel platform includes the following benefits and features

  • It's easy for marketers to design and tweak campaigns.
  • It offers cross-channel execution whenever needed.
  • Marketers can follow a journey map throughout the lifecycle for real-time marketing.
  • Marketers are provided with detailed results, statistics, and reporting for all channels.

By offering customizable templates and simple drag-and-drop marketing automation, Selligent Marketing Cloud makes it easy for marketing professionals to create a true contextual marketing strategy across all channels. In fact, notable brands across many industries have found success with Selligent Marketing Cloud.

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud today to change the experience for your customers.

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