Marketing Campaign Objectives

Are enough marketing professionals setting specific, personalized goals for their campaigns? Marketing campaign objectives are an important part of the process, and if intentions aren’t established for the campaign, all that hard work can easily fizzle out with no results. 

Campaign objectives should be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

Why CMOs Need Marketing Campaign Objectives

Experienced marketing professionals take the time to set a purpose for their campaign, identify their target audience, and set specific, measurable goals prior to launch. Defining these objectives is proven to contribute to substantial results. Here are three reasons marketing campaign objectives are just as important as the campaign itself.

Marketing Campaign Objectives Identify a Focal Point

Without specific objectives, a campaign can be all over the place. Identifying the few things a marketer wants to communicate to his or her audience will keep the campaign on track and headed in the right direction.

With Selligent Marketing Cloud and effective personalization, it’s easy for marketing professionals to keep their messages congruent over all channels. This ensures a clearer message for the audience and a consistent branding voice throughout the campaign.

Marketing Campaign Objectives Zero in on a Target

Marketers will always be focused on communicating with the target demographic throughout any marketing campaign, and Selligent Marketing Cloud delivers relevant messages to the proper target audience. Having a contextual approach to customers ensures that your team is delivering on the promise of customer centricity.

Customer context is the merging of the customer's disposition and situation, combined with the business's disposition and situation. Creating personalized marketing campaign objectives—at its core—will lead to understanding demographic data, behavioral data, psychographic information, and affinities such as price sensitivity and brand loyalty.

Clear Objectives Make Results Transparent

Marketing professionals who set clear, SMART objectives know what results they’re hoping to achieve. Successful companies have a specific action they want their audience to perform as a result of the campaign. It could be to share something on social media, click through a link, or fill out an online form.

Setting measurable, specific goals for campaigns allows marketing professionals to analyze the effects they have on their audience. By stating they want 'X' number of click-throughs, marketers can definitively consider if the campaign was a success or not — while also evaluating what needs to be improved upon for the next campaign.

The most successful campaign will begin with setting solid marketing goals. Selligent Marketing Cloud helps companies create engaging, focused and results-driven marketing campaigns that deliver personalized content to a target audience.

Ready to target customers with a clear message that sells? Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud for help!

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