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Email blasts are a thing of the past. Non-discriminate copying and pasting content to your entire consumer database won’t get you results. At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we believe that Consumer-First Marketing through insight-led engagement can help orchestrate sophisticated consumer journeys across email, mobile, social, website, print, and customer care.

Our personalized email solutions use analytics, real-time reporting, multivariate testing, and more to inspire ideas and drive ROI to new heights. 

Personalized Emails vs. Blast Email Programs

Email programs help you build campaigns from start to finish for new projects, event announcements, internal distribution notices, coupons, and any kind of promotional marketing you need to keep your consumers informed. In the past, email blasts have made it easy for companies to send out large amounts of data to reach their consumer database. This just doesn’t work anymore.

Data collection and micro segmentation, along with cross-channel integration makes it possible to ensure that every consumer interaction is fueled by real-time insight through native omnichannel execution.

Selligent Marketing Cloud has led the industry in innovative solutions for building better connections with your consumers. We utilize consumer-driven data collected from each campaign to build unique consumer profiles based on their likes and preferences. This means more open rates, click-throughs, more conversions and more sharing. Stay in the consumer’s inbox with smart solutions.

What’s even better is our program lets you do all of this with easy drag-and-drop features from an all-in-one solution.

Email Program Alternatives from Selligent Marketing Cloud

Data Collection

Data-driven insights lead to conversions through relevancy. Our all-in-one platform collects information and preferences from consumers over the lifecycle of each campaign, as well as from offline input and messages, to build a customized portfolio.


The more personal your email campaign becomes, the better your chances of seeing conversions. Gone are the old blast methods of sending out mass emails indiscriminately. In are the segmentation methods that consider demographics, geography and behavior. Lean in a little closer and listen to the wants and needs of your client base.

Cross-Channel Integration

Selligent Marketing Cloud’s natively integrated technology closes the gap between insight and engagement with industry-leading solutions for data management, campaign orchestration, and audience analytics.

Our all-in-one platform key benefits include:

  • A/B split and multi-variate testing with instant optimization
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Snapshot reports
  • Deep dive BI tools
  • Real-time site analytics
  • Real-time campaign monitoring
  • Real-time performance reporting

Our track record of success with many notable brands speaks for itself.

Request a live demo of our email program or contact Selligent Marketing Cloud for more information.

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