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Did you know email marketing yields an average 4,300% ROI for businesses in the United States? Email marketing software lets users create and save templates, store data, link data to multiple channels, and segment email campaigns that keep their customers up to date on new and existing products and services. Ominchannel email marketing solutions bring innovation and success to the table.

The Future of Email Marketing Software | Selligent Marketing Cloud

Go beyond your typical email marketing strategy. Email has consistently been the most used channel for interactions between people and companies. Customers touch their smartphones 43 times per day, and 30 percent admit to touching more than four devices a day to check emails and stay connected.

While other channels are being embraced by customers across platforms, new solutions are needed to deliver results. By comparison, traditional forms of email marketing such as e-newsletters still have a purpose, but Selligent Marketing Cloud aims to inspire engagement through a cross-channel, cloud-based strategy, connecting your email to customer service, the web, social media, and more.

With Selligent Marketing Cloud, you can market smarter and increase your efficiency by utilizing a single software solution for data aggregation, email, mobile, social, web, and customer care. 

  • A Single Relationship Marketing Solution. This solution flexibly manages all data and universal profiles, updates in real-time, and associates all data back to the individual customer. 
  • Proprietary Target Capability. Our solution captures browsing behavior and reacts and retargets right away.
  • Intuitive Interface. We merge campaign creation and optimization, delivering right to the marketers with little reliance on IT teams. 
  • Campaign Creation Tools. We extend dynamic capability to deliver content creation tools for email, social, mobile, and the web—generated from profile data. 

Real-Time Personalization Approach

By linking traditional email software with holistic dialogue marketing, we offer a real-time personalization approach to email marketing. 

Here is a comparison of major companies that have utilized our solution and services and come away with higher ROI and roadmaps for future successes.


In 2012, Mercedes-Benz contacted Selligent Marketing Cloud to develop a web-based strategy for a new target market, Generation Y, to help boost sales of their New Generation Compact Car A-Class. With our help, they achieved the following positive results: 

  • 570 reserved test drives
  • 67% open rate on emails
  • 27% opt-in subscriptions from social media
  • 67% show rate to organized events
  • Contact detail storing and retention for future Mercedes-Benz products.


Brille24 is the leading online German-language optician with over 1 million customers across 117+ countries.

We reached out to 81,305 email recipients to incorporate a number of personalization and dynamic content elements in each mailing. The result yielded 37,440,000,000 possible variations, enriching Brille24's customer profiles with multi-point data to make future purchases more accommodating. 


StepStone is a job portal website with 25 million visits, and more than 290,000 jobs each month across nine countries.

We were able to facilitate a one-on-one marketing approach with segmented marketing. Our platform organized and personalized their mailings, improving their overall operations. 


Entertainment giants Kinepolis have 344 screens and over 20 million customers worldwide.

Selligent Marketing Cloud's framework helped them compile a complex data picture of each customer that was easily made actionable for the marketer. Full conversion tracking helped optimize their operations with analytics, revenue per email, purchases attributed to emails, and relevance scores from customers.

Kinepolis plans on expanding the program for more brands and languages, and wants to integrate inline movie trailers in their email operations.


Opel has 110 years of passion and experience with automotive technology and cars.

Selligent Marketing Cloud and Ematters guidance allowed Opel to capture new subscribers and insight on their car preferences with surveys. Those preferences were then used to personalize follow-up communications about the contest and winners.

Email Marketing With Selligent Marketing Cloud

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we have provided relationship marketing solutions for many Fortune 500 companies with a focus on selling intelligent solutions to digital marketing. Learn more about our email marketing platform and how you can create a strong email marketing foundation strategy.  

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud to start improving your email marketing campaigns today!

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