Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing is defined as the targeting of customers through email. Email marketing can be used to leave an impact on customers in a variety of ways. In general, email is the more evolved, digital form of traditional direct mail marketing. 

Enjoy the benefits of email marketing by transforming generic messages into personalized emails through a cross-channel email marketing company. 

What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

Email marketing offers a range of benefits resulting from personalization, flexibility, cost effectiveness, and return on investment. With the right omnichannel engagement solution, marketers can:

  • Send more personalized customer messages with the use of marketing automation tools and data segmentation
  • Refine messages before going live through A/B and multivariate testing
  • Measure performance across a host of metrics including ROI, Clickthrough Rate (CTR), and Conversion Rate
  • Quickly execute a campaign to take advantage of a real-time opportunities, even in the same day if necessary
  • Reach customers for little out-of-pocket cost

How Does Personalization Play a Role in Email Marketing?

Email personalization goes deep into every aspect of marketing including message, content, offer, templates, industry-specific designs, and timing. Knowing about the people who took interest in offers, who clicked on links, who responded positively, and who bounced helps in personalization of the message and offers.

The objective is to deliver personalized data-driven content in the moment by tying real-time customer behavioral data to individual customer profiles.

You need a solution that will scale to your needs. An omnichannel engagement company that understands relationship email marketing will make it easy to upload html directly or use a drag-and-drop interface and template system to design each communication. Ensure flawless quality with Selligent's testing suite that includes:

  • Litmus
  • Dynamic rule proofing
  • In-device snapshot previews

What Role Does Relationship Marketing Play in Email Marketing?

Relationship marketing focuses on creating meaningful dialogs with customers. Relationship marketing, or 1-1 marketing, attempts to collect all data relevant to a customer and then use that information in marketing campaigns and customer communications. Relationship marketing tries to create strong—even emotional—customer connections. These connections increase the likelihood of email campaign success.

Email Marketing | Driving ROI

The most commonly used formula for calculating return on investment is:

ROI = (Gain from Investment – the Cost of Investment)/Cost of Investment x 100.

Return on investment is also expressed as dollars earned for each dollar invested. In recent years, this figure has been in the $40 range for email marketing. These figures place email marketing at the top of marketing channels for return.

Other, more email-specific calculators, include such factors as the open rate and click rate.

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