Better Email Marketing Relationships

In the ever-expanding world of email marketing, companies that utilize “blasting” to drive ROI are pushing a dead strategy.

Email blast campaigns to reach as wide an audience as possible to generate the most leads are out. That’s not how you reach a personal connection with your consumers. When establishing a successful 1-to-1 marketing campaign, focus on a personalized, data-driven approach.

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, our Consumer-First approach to email marketing focuses on personalization, incremental enhancement and multivariate testing to bring the best out of your email marketing strategy.

Moving Beyond the "Blast" to Personalized Email Campaigns

Companies that utilize email best practices can tap into huge ROI with 50 percent more sales and 33 percent less cost than other strategies.

With Selligent Marketing Cloud, our company delivers relevant messages based on real-time consumer needs. We do this by personalizing, testing, launching, and optimizing the lifecycle of each email campaign. By collecting data from each interaction, we help you build customized preferences and automated strategies for enhancing each touchpoint for your consumers.

Selligent Marketing Cloud Leads Data-Driven Insight

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, our company leads through innovation and data-driven metrics to help you create consumer journeys across email, mobile, social, website, print, and consumer care. Other companies rely on dead email blasts that get automatically filed into spam folders or lead to recipients unsubscribing without hesitation. Use an insight-led engagement platform for native omnichannel execution to your advantage.

Here’s how Selligent Marketing Cloud optimizes and measures the success of each email campaign:

  • Targeting and Segmenting your campaigns through data points such as geographic location, gender, micro-segmentation derived from data based on buying behavior or lifestyle, and user interests lets you engage consumers with information they are more likely to respond to and share. 
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing builds random and control test groups to determine what kinds of email campaigns work best and why.
  • Responsive Design and Message Previews from our analytic dashboard gauges how your audience opens and consumes your content so you can meet their expectations better every time.
  • Cadence Management and Message Prioritization helps you set your email marketing campaign schedule, and refine your personalized selling approach. Control group settings, automate A/B winner selection and build a strategy upon successes and opportunities.
  • Real-Time Reporting means you can see analytics as they happen and capture snapshot reports for performance enhancement evaluation.

Selligent Marketing Cloud

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, we pride ourselves on bringing innovation and expertise to enhance cross-channel marketing strategies for companies worldwide. Design and optimize winning campaigns from our easy-to-use interface.

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