Email Campaign Examples to Transform Your Customer Interaction

In a world of crowded inboxes, it can be difficult to win the attention of your email subscribers. Fortunately, developing a 1-to-1 relationship marketing strategy is all you need to make strides in your email campaign. In this article, we provide you with effective email campaign examples to ensure you are on the right track.

In today’s hyper-connected world, marketers must figure out how to sustain brand interest and drive customer acquisitions and loyalty using every channel available to them, including email. Not only are email campaigns proven to be a strong marketing strategy, they are the most effective channel for generating revenue and driving ROI. 

But the creativity of your email content is only as good as the data, so make sure you know your targets, their interests, and their motivations for wanting your products or services.

Here's an example of a successful email marketing campaign as well as tips for creating campaigns with maximum impact.

Email Campaign Example: Mercedes-Benz

Together with Selligent Marketing Cloud and DM Interface, Mercedes-Benz launched an email marketing campaign that exceeded its original campaign goals significantly. Watch the short video below to learn more about how Mercedes-Benz executed such a successful email campaign—and how you can, too!


When done right, email newsletters can help brands better engage with subscribers, create a more loyal customer base, leverage existing content, and broaden overall reach. 

Tips for better newsletters:

  • Get creative—especially with subject lines. Just because people subscribe to newsletters doesn't mean they are going to open them once they land in their inboxes. Creating subject lines that catch their attention and spark their curiosity can be the difference between a subscriber reading your newsletter or moving it into his or her junk folder.
  • Look out for spam-triggering words. Words such as Dear Sir/Madam; Click here; limited time offer; guaranteed; no risk, low risk, risk free; no obligation, etc., are bound to put spam bots in a frenzy.
  • Make the majority of content informational, not promotional. While there is nothing wrong with using newsletters to alert subscribers of products and promotions, you don't want this kind of content to make up the majority of your email content. Rather than pressuring customers to buy, buy, buy, use newsletters to better engage with your subscribers and show them you understand their unique interests. 
  • Make design a priority. The way your newsletter looks can strongly influence whether or not subscribers take the time to read its content. A professionally designed email with the correct HTML code throughout will ensure that your email looks the best in all browsers, avoiding high spam scores for bad coding.

    Additionally, avoid italics, colored, and very large fonts, and avoid forms in the email body; they don't typically work. Ensure that your email does not solely consist of images. You don't want to have heavy blocks of text either; a nice balance of HTML text and images will generate the best results. 

Email Campaign Help from Selligent Marketing Cloud

Selligent Marketing Cloud is dedicated to helping brands deliver messaging across various channels from a single, intuitive relationship marketing solution. The Mercedes-Benz campaign mentioned above is just one of many examples of email campaigns supported by Selligent Marketing Cloud.

To learn more about us, read through some of our case studies. We can't wait to help you drive customer acquisitions and loyalty through a better email campaign! 

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud to get started today! 

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