Email Campaign Best Practices

Email is a great channel for driving traffic to your website and keeping customers informed about your brand. But creating an email marketing campaign that resonates with customers isn't always an easy task. These five email campaign best practices can help you create emails that provide value to your readers and keep them engaged with your brand.

Email Marketing: 5 Best Practices 

The following best practices will help ensure you launch an effective email campaign that returns results.

1. Plan — Sending a compelling marketing email that engages your customers takes some planning. Plan your campaign and figuring out how you will provide value to your customers before you develop your email content.

2. Design — Once you've planned out your campaign, it's time to design your email. Use colors, fonts, and images that work with your brand and tailor them to suit your target audience. 

3. Write good content — Your email campaign won't go very far without good, engaging content. Your emails should benefit the reader by helping them solve problems, stay informed, or save money.

4. Personalize — When it comes to reader engagement, personalization is key. In fact, in 2015, the most effective marketing strategy was to give customers a personalized experience, and your email campaign should do the same. 

5. Integrate — Cross-channel integration of your email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM system not only saves time but also increases your success rate. When launching an email campaign, look for a solution that allows you to integrate across multiple channels. 

Create Better Email Campaigns with Selligent Marketing Cloud

These five tips for sending better emails work best when paired with an effective marketing solution. Selligent Marketing Cloud helps brands reach more customers with contextually relevant messages across email, web, mobile, and social.

Selligent Marketing Cloud offers email marketing and campaign management solutions that enable you to transform your messaging into dynamic content that will resonate with customers. With our tools, you can even design your own campaign, personalize your messaging, and integrate across multiple channels.

Our track record speaks for itself. We've helped drive effective campaign solutions for notable brands across many different industries.

Contact us to see how Selligent Marketing Cloud can transform your next campaign. 



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