Digital Marketing Personalization

Personalized marketing is a 1-to-1 relationship marketing strategy that aims to become more accurate and relevant than ever with customer engagement and loyalty. 

Many businesses are realizing that open-time personalization is enhancing their digital marketing strategy. Companies now have greater flexibility and insight into customers' behaviors and buying wants and needs. Because customers are more connected than ever, businesses need to stay relevant among the apps and tools customers use. Marketers can gain access to the data—locations, behaviors, and preferences—to earn the right to a customer's time.


Personalization is Changing Digital Marketing

A 1-to-1 relationship marketing strategy validates customers and motivates them to engage with your company. Digital marketing efforts strive to deliver personalized data-driven content with email marketing and site personalization that utilizes real-time customer behavioral data. Customers are engaged through interesting content that was created as companies collect and analyze data from mobile, web, email, and customer information.

Personalization Challenges

It is important for a company to use precise customer behavioral data to comprehend their preferences accurately. That knowledge can enable marketers to create the right personalized digital marketing strategies that will cultivate genuine communication with customers.

While it's proven that real-time marketing increases conversion rates by 26%, marketers still express challenges with personalization in the following areas:

  • Messaging – Creating effective personalized content that strikes a chord with customers
  • Retention – Using personalization attempts in a specific way to cultivate customer loyalty
  • Efficiency – Improving customer response time and efficacy of digital marketing strategy
  • Technology – Optimizing Big Data and managing it to positively impact customer behavior
  • Results – Maximizing the ROI by effective interaction with customers that increases sales

Additionally, marketing teams may experience challenges accurately understanding privacy concerns as it pertains to real-time personalization during the design process of their digital marketing strategy. They may also have issues working effectively with IT teams that can be overwhelmed due to lack of proper resources.  

Your Personalization Solution | Omnichannel Engagement

Marketers need to become experts who can make sense of customer information obtained through data mining and integration, creating the right messaging for their various customer segments and maximizing their digital marketing strategy.

Nurture more profitable customer relationships with a contextual approach to messaging, so you can leverage personalized data-driven content across all channels. Selligent Marketing Cloud makes it easy to apply real-time customer behavioral data to individual customer profiles. 

  • Personalize web pages in session while customers browse
  • Adapt, optimize, and update content at the time of open
  • Enjoy simple drag-and-drop UI 
  • Deliver content when, how, and where your customers want it

Our track record working with huge brands speaks for itself.

Contact us today for more information on how to utilize personalization in digital marketing strategies. 

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