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Marketers should shape marketing strategies and a market segmentation tool specifically around highly targeted groups and create a more personalized approach to brand awareness. While segmentation is important, the goal for every marketing director or CMO should be 1-to-1 relationship marketing and creating a uniquely personal message for every user. Reap the benefits of an easy-to-use platform designed for marketers to test and optimize journeys, campaigns, and individual interactions.

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, our relationship marketing solutions make it easy for marketers to manage and analyze data drawn from customer segmentation. With real-time updates, you can increase the efficiency of your marketing strategy as you target and retarget highly defined customer segments.

Your 1-to-1 Relationship Marketing Strategy | Customer Segmentation

Are you marketing to segments of one to uniquely engage customers and build loyalty? Above all, 1-to-1 relationship marketing is about your ability to create an emotional connection with a consumer.

When marketers divide customers based on metrics defined by their businesses—or segment their marketing strategies based on demographics such as age, gender, and purchase histories—they are able to better achieve a deeper understanding of key customer groups. The following steps will help you identify and apply data to create valuable customer segments: 

  • Determine which data to collect
  • Gather and integrate data from multiple sources
  • Develop data analysis methods for segmentation
  • Communicate the segmentation across relevant business units
  • Apply applications to effectively manage the collected data

As a marketing tactic, customer segmentation is more than just a way to plan your next marketing campaign; CMOs can gain deeper insight into which customers are interested in particular products and services. 

By understanding customers on a personal level, and in distinguishing groups of customers with similar demographics, businesses can figure out ways to maximize cross-selling or up-selling opportunities.

But what tools do you need to understand customers on a personal level? Look for the following in an easy-to-use, marketer-friendly platform: 

  • Customizable dashboards for online viewing and scheduled automated distribution
  • Individual-level reporting that is aggregated per channel and per day with the ability to hone in on detailed interaction level
  • An interactive dashboard offering a 360-degree view of your customers

Selligent Marketing Cloud Simplifies Customer Segmentation

With Selligent Marketing Cloud, we open more opportunities for businesses like yours to extend your marketing influence across multiple channels, including email, online/offline contact center, web, and mobile. Our platform allows you to target and re-target specific customer demographics determined by our integrated customer segmentation tools. 

We've worked with some of the biggest brands across several industries to demonstrate a winning formula for customer segmentation.

Contact us today to learn more on how you can achieve customer satisfaction through our relationship marketing solution. 

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