Customer Retention Strategies

Marketers can sometimes be so fixated on attracting new customers that they forget about planning successful customer retention strategies. Sending a one-off email to the customer database to announce all new products or services simply won’t cut it.

Why Customer Retention Strategies Are Getting Personal

For customer loyalty and retention to work, an emphasis must be made on personalization and optimizing content that customers are consuming. Selligent Marketing Cloud helps marketing professionals develop omnichannel campaigns focused on customer retention strategies. These campaigns:

  • Engage customers with one-to-one messaging on all platforms
  • Convert customers into loyal referral sources and repeat business
  • Report immediate data and gain cross-channel insights with universal consumer profiles and comprehensive reporting, allowing marketers to mold and optimize the campaign in real-time

In a world with infinite choices and access to instant information, it’s becoming more important than ever to build connections with customers to earn their loyalty. Here’s how personalization and engagement throughout all marketing channels help with customer retention strategies.

The Essentials of Building Omnichannel Campaigns for Customer Retention Strategies

A company with weak customer retention needs to focus on customized contact that addresses customer needs. The best ways to address customer retention are:

  • Learning the characteristics of your customers
  • Anticipating what they want and need
  • Addressing these desires frequently and unexpectedly
  • Being open to feedback and spontaneous campaign changes if needed

Placing value on customer service and engagement with customers grows loyalty, while increasing upselling and referrals. The relationship marketing solutions from Selligent Marketing Cloud help companies maintain happy, loyal, and repeat customers.

How Contextual Marketing Builds Customer Loyalty

Marketers who focus on the context of their omnichannel campaigns see a higher customer retention rate and more brand loyalty. Successful customer retention strategies concentrate on a customer’s disposition and situation, then offer relevant contextual content that relates to the customer’s needs. Selligent Marketing Cloud's contextual customer retention strategies focus on customer characteristics like:

  • Demographics
  • Behaviors
  • Interests and opinions
  • Physical needs
  • Current events

Once these customer characteristics are researched, customized campaigns can be developed to engage customers—sparking interactions, interest, and loyalty. Consistent data and feedback help marketers redefine and optimize the campaign at any time to discover the best results.

With an emphasis on personalization and one-to-one relationship marketing, Selligent Marketing Cloud creates customer retention strategies that deliver results.

To learn more about how omnichannel marketing campaigns focused on contextual personalization increase customer retention, contact Selligent Marketing Cloud today.

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