Customer Lifecycle

The process of a potential customer moving through all the stages and interactions of a sale is often referred to as the customer lifecycle. To some marketing professionals, this may seem like a natural progression and nothing they have control over. This is not the case.

The Enhanced Customer Lifecycle | Successful Marketing 

Marketers who enhance the customer lifecycle can look forward to wildly successful sales and retention results. Consumers who feel engaged and connected are more likely to repeat the customer lifecycle again and again.

The customer lifecycle steps are:

  • Reach: marketing to get a potential customer’s attention
  • Acquisition: interaction between the potential customer and company
  • Conversion: achievement of the desired call to action or sale
  • Retention: upselling, cross-selling, and repeat business
  • Loyalty: customer becoming a brand advocate and referral source

To successfully move a consumer through the lifecycle, Selligent Marketing Cloud knows that engagement at every step is crucial. Relationship management and personalized marketing lead to lifecycle movement and increased interaction, sales, and satisfaction.

Why is an Engaged Lifecycle So Important?

A customer who stumbles through the customer lifecycle without personalized interactions from a company is less likely to be a repeat customer. This customer probably won’t buy from the company again, refer friends or family members, or continue contact with the brand. No lifelong connection or bond was made.

To keep a customer engaged, focus on contextual personalization and engagement throughout the cycle. Selligent Marketing Cloud achieves this personalization through:

  • Testing and optimizing multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Designing campaigns that enhance every step of the lifecycle for higher conversions
  • Mapping customer needs and providing necessary resources
  • Analyzing data and results to define audiences

Telling a brand’s story throughout the customer lifecycle leads to increased engagement and conversions. Using personalization and one-to-one relationship marketing increases a customer’s loyalty, trust, and dedication to a company.

How Does a Personalized Lifecycle Campaign Drive Engagement?

Engagement is the force that moves a consumer successfully through the lifecycle. A consumer who feels connected to a company through targeted personalization is more responsive to calls to action and other interactions. To keep moving an individual through a constant customer lifecycle, a marketing campaign should:

Selligent Marketing Cloud’s ability to enhance each step of the customer lifecycle through personalized content leads to loyal customers and repeat business. The content, testing tools, and data collection provided by Selligent Marketing Cloud helps marketers run successful campaigns that lead to conversions, sales, and repeat business.

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud today to learn more about enhancing the customer lifecycle through personalized marketing.


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