Customer Analytics

When utilized properly, analytical data can help marketing professionals identify targeting opportunities for personalized campaigns. This strategy can exponentially increase customer loyalty. An effective marketing strategy will include behavioral retargeting, optimization and measuring, contextual personalization, and customer segmentation analysis.

The efficient collection and evaluation of customer data are critical to maximizing a business’s growth potential. When such data is utilized appropriately, it can become a gold mine for  marketing directors.

Behavioral Retargeting

Behavioral retargeting, also known as behavioral remarketing, is the manner in which targeted online advertising is geared to consumers based on their past activities on the internet. Behavioral retargeting reaps the following benefits for marketers.

  • Basic segmentation provides data that marketers need for deeper consumer insight
  • Online experiences can be personalized for both current and potential customers
  • Behavior-based offer targeting can be implemented easily
  • Rule-based content serving gives marketers control over when and how content is provided
  • Anonymous visitors can easily be converted to known consumers
  • Data-driven personalization is possible through real-time behavioral tracking and database updates

When the customer base is grouped appropriately, customers can be treated in an individualized manner. Customer analytics is made easier when the right platform is used because it can help locate high performers and target individuals who have comparable data profiles. Additionally, low performers can be stimulated to purchase again, and campaigns can be designed to win back dormant consumers.

Proprietary tracking tags enable users to track and collect on-domain browser data in real-time. Marketers can then create unified profiles for current customers and anonymous visitors. The right platform will provide CMOs and marketing directors with access to basic, guided workflows that evaluate and delineate customers based upon behavior, purchase history, and other CRM profile data. These audiences can then be retargeted in various lifecycle campaigns.

Optimizing & Measuring

Optimizing and measuring analytics is imperative to improve the overall customer experience. Companies will drive ROI when they effectively gather data, quantify the customer experience, use segmentation, comprehend individualized behavior, and then plan their online web marketing strategy accordingly. Key benefits of optimizing and measuring analytical data using Selligent Marketing Cloud includes:

  • Performance reporting and monitoring in real time
  • Maximized effectiveness via customizable dashboards
  • Real-time site analytics along with snapshot reports and deep-dive BI tools
  • Message prioritization
  • Instant website optimization through A/B split and multivariate testing

Maximized ROI is possible through incremental enrichments. It’s important to utilize a platform that allows users to ensure that each distinct interaction is augmented for when, where, and how consumers experience content. Effective analytic dashboards and reactive design tools can provide real-time insight into how the audience is consuming content. Such attention to detail will ensure that CMOs and marketers can provide content that surpasses audience expectations at all times.

Contextual Personalization

The company-consumer relationship becomes more cost-effective when pertinent messaging is provided through contextual personalization.

  • Marketers can deliver personalized, data-driven content instantaneously across all marketing channels by marrying real-time consumer behavioral data with individualized profiles.
  • Website visits become more satisfying as consumers click through tailored, relevant content.
  • Customer service communication becomes an invaluable tool in motivating positive engagement.

Customer Segmentation Analysis

CMOs and marketing directors can gain deeper insight into their audience by using analytics to evaluate customer dynamics with regard to behavior and interests. Customer analytics help companies allocate marketing resources more efficiently, improve consumer engagement, and facilitate proactive decisions regarding the data gathered. Effective platforms include the following features:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Customized data models that allow modification
  • Online reporting and notifications
  • Web, social, email, and mobile campaign creation tools
  • Lifecycle tools that streamline multi-channel campaigns

Selligent Marketing Cloud Case Studies for Cultivating Customer Loyalty

Segmented and targeted emails drive 58% of all revenue for businesses. Consider the following case studies that describe how analytical data was utilized to create targeted email marketing campaigns and integrated real-time personalization that cultivated customer loyalty.

  • Cinesa, a European cinema brand, utilized a targeted personalized campaign to gamify its online loyalty program. Dynamic personalized email content was used to garner 5,000 new site registrations.
  • Mediahuis, a Belgian media publishing house, increased customer loyalty and gained significant conversions by enriching its database and integrating real-time personalization in its marketing campaigns.

That's just the beginning. We have a long list of success stories that demonstrate how our solution grows marketing results.

Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud today for details on how to utilize analytical data more effectively to create perfectly targeted personalized campaigns that increase customer loyalty.

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