Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Cross-channel campaign management refers to the development and deployment of unified communications across the channels with which customers interact. These channels include, but are not limited to, the web, email, mobile, and social media platforms. The sought-after consistency pertains not only to information, such as product descriptions and pricing, but also to sensory elements, such as look and feel, to continuously reinforce brand image.  

Selligent Marketing Cloud's Approach to Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Selligent Marketing Cloud interface blends ease of use with advanced functionality for creating, personalizing, testing, launching, and optimizing highly relevant cross-channel campaigns. Customers can design lifecycle campaigns by incorporating touches across email, SMS, push, social, site, and more. With one platform for all outbound marketing, integrated campaigns are easily launched and cross-channel opportunities are quickly identified.  

Selligent Marketing Cloud also provides the tools to make sense of the customer data collected. The most important of these is OneView, which creates a “super profile” for each contact. Analyzing all of this data is a critical component as these findings establish the foundation for cross-channel success.

Cross-Channel Market Recognition

Forrester recently ranked Selligent Marketing Cloud as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q2 2016.  This is the first year that Selligent Marketing Cloud has been included in the Wave, which results from the successful growth it has experienced in the US and Europe, as well as in Latin America and Asia. The Wave evaluated “the 15 most significant” vendors in the space. 

Selligent Marketing Cloud scored within the top four in the strategy category. The company also received high marks for “value for the money” and “excellent personal and professional” relationships with both customers and marketing service providers.

Cross-Channel Customer Success Stories

Samsung called upon Selligent Marketing Cloud to deploy its cross-channel marketing skills to all of the pre- and post-launch activities for the Galaxy S7 model in Europe. The stakes were high: It was targeting over 30M people speaking 26 different languages in 23 countries.

The Samsung marketing team wanted to generate pre-launch buzz and excitement around the new product by identifying prospective buyers, keeping them engaged, driving prospects to purchase, and then following up with successful onboarding to optimize the satisfaction rate.

Samsung’s campaign yielded success across the following parameters:

  • 30 million customers in 23 European countries reached in 26 languages
  • 1081% revenue boost compared to the S6 model launch
  • 48% increase in pre-orders compared to the S6 launch

Mercedes-Benz needed a cross-channel campaign to promote its new A-Class vehicle. Selligent Marketing Cloud delivered a program that resulted in increased subscriptions, open rates, and social media followers. 

Mercedes-Benz was trying to generate excitement around the Geneva Motor Show and reach a new target market — Generation Y. The campaign delivered with 570 reserved test drives and a 67% email open rate. Additionally, 27% of subscribers to the campaign newsletter came via social media.

Mercedes-Benz and Samsung are just two of our many success stories. Across all industries, we have proven results of driving marketing growth.

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