Email Campaign Timeline Template

Email Campaign Timeline Template

A well-developed campaign timeline template helps marketers develop messaging, build a schedule, and map out marketing projects from start to finish. Although the Internet is full of free campaign timeline templates, a serious marketing campaign requires customizable tools that work across several platforms. Selligent Marketing Cloud helps meet some of marketers' biggest campaign challenges through a comprehensive suite of solutions.


Creating a Marketing Campaign: A Timeline 

There are several steps to creating an effective marketing campaign. Although you and your team can create a timeline template based on your specific capacity, the following steps will help organize the process.

1. Determine your strategy. During this step, conduct market research and decide what your specific marketing goals are. 

2. Decide on brand messaging. Every marketing campaign should have clear and consistent messaging. Once a strategy is determined, work with your team to develop messaging that will resonate with customers.

3. Create a schedule. During this step, set deadlines for your team and document them. It can be helpful to work backwards from the campaign launch date and create a document that clearly illustrates when deliverables are due.

4. Launch the campaign. Once your strategy, messaging, and schedule are set, you can launch the marketing campaign with confidence! Remember to monitor website traffic and/or sales performance during the duration of the campaign.

5. Measure success. This step is simple if you have been monitoring the campaign's progress all along. During this phase of the campaign marketing strategy, you will have a clear view into what worked and what didn't. You can then use what you learned to fine tune your next campaign.

Additionally, it is helpful to answer the following questions when building a marketing campaign timeline:

  • Have you budgeted for higher production in the case of a successful campaign?
  • Have you set realistic goals?
  • Do your competitors offer similar products, services, or events?
  • Have you integrated your channels (web, mobile, email, etc.)?
  • Is your customer service up to the task?
  • Is your campaign tied to your brand image?
  • Are you prepared to measure results?

Selligent Marketing Cloud: Solutions for Marketers

At Selligent Marketing Cloud, our multi-touch approach to digital marketing helps you create, personalize, test, launch, and optimize your marketing campaign with ease. 

Are you ready to launch a marketing campaign that will engage your customer base across email, mobile, social, and web on one platform? Contact Selligent Marketing Cloud today to get started!