Campaign Management Software Comparison

Performing a campaign management software comparison is a great way to find the campaign management solution that best meets your business needs. Marketing campaign management isn't one-size-fits-all, so it's important to make sure the solution you choose includes every feature you need. Here's how a campaign management solution from Selligent stacks up to its competitors. 

Selligent Campaign Management Software vs. Competitors


The days of using multiple software tools for campaign management are gone. Campaign Management from Selligent enables cross-channel opportunities and launch campaigns from a single platform. You can reinforce messaging as well as react to your customers on any channel.  

Not only does Selligent's campaign management solution include better execution capabilities, but our focus on engagement and insight far exceeds the traditional campaign management approach of insight with limited execution.

Features and benefits include: 

  • Journey map/lifecycle marketing
  • Cross-channel execution
  • Cadence management
  • Permission roles/workflow
  • Template controls
  • Reporting
  • Effortless content authoring
  • Intuitive journey map designer
  • Link journeys and trigger messages
  • Flexible scheduling and automation
  • Content flexibility
  • Workflow and user group management
  • Validation and proofing tools
  • Drag-and-drop marketing automation
  • Frequency and prioritization controls

Even with all of these features, Selligent's campaign management solution is extremely easy to use. Our intuitive interface enables you to easily create, personalize, test, launch, and optimize cross-channel campaigns, so you can spend less time executing and more time strategizing. Create complex, multi-touch communication streams, design lifecycle campaigns, and optimize and measure content with ease. 


Other campaign management software companies don't offer all of the tools and features Selligent does. When you choose a brand other than Selligent, you:
  • Will not get as organized and intuitive of an interface
  • Will not get as responsive customer service
  • Will not enjoy increased employee efficiency 
  • Will not get easy segmenting and content block capabilities

On the software review site TrustRadius, Selligent scored an 8/10 average from reviews provided by real customers. And when compared to YesMail, customers were more likely to recommend Selligent. 

When comparing campaign management software, start your comparison with Selligent.



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