Leveraging an Effective Call to Action — Email Marketing

Today's customer landscape demands a contextual approach. Do your emails include an effective, personalized call to action? What you use as your call to action could be the last selling point customers need to convert. But what makes a call to action successful? Check out these tips for creating a call to action that improves customer engagement and drives conversions.


Call to Action: What Am I Missing in My Emails?

A call to action is the message included at any part of an email, website, or advertisement where the reader can click to learn more about the company, products, and services. But how do you create a personalized CTA message that is compelling enough to draw readers' attention, while giving them enough reason to convert?

When done effectively, your call to action will urge customers to learn more about a product or service or make a purchase. This push can be in the form of a persuasive sentence or a noticeable button labeled with an action.

The following best practices will help you create an effective CTA for your email marketing campaign.

Use powerful, persuasive language

The phrase, "short, sweet, and to the point" is critical when it comes to CTAs. The language you use in your call to action should trigger an action: buy, learn, shop, try. You should also try to create a sense of urgency so the reader is encouraged to act. This includes words such as now, today, soon.

Include only one CTA

Despite popular belief, having only one call to action can result in almost 400% more clicks and over 1000% more sales conversions. With multiple CTAs, your message may come across as spam to your readers, and thus it will be ignored. Use the body of your email to explain to your readers why they need your product, and lead them to it with a powerful call to action.

Make your call to action noticeable

If you want readers to convert, you'll need to make sure they know how. Having your CTA located at the bottom of the email provides an opportunity for readers to go through your content and engage with your website by the end of it. Also, your call to action should stand out with more than words alone. Make sure it links to an appropriate, relevant page on your website. 

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