B2C Marketing Automation

Marketers know that B2C marketing automation is a major part of improving existing performance and customer engagement. By utilizing one digital campaign management solution with automation, marketers are gaining insights and delivering better data-driven content than ever before.

Three Reasons for B2C Marketing Automation

Marketers interested in increased online engagement, real-time personalization, helpful customer behavioral data, and a 1-to-1 relationship marketing strategy are using the tools of marketing automation to stay ahead of the game.

Here are three reasons why marketing professionals rely on B2C marketing automation for their success in digital marketing.

1. B2C Marketing Automation Frees Up Valuable Time

With a trustworthy automated system, marketers have more productivity and flexibility. They’re no longer dedicated to mundane tasks, such as organizing campaign subscribers or following up with website visitor inquiries. This increased time allows marketing professionals to focus on:

  • Analyzing past campaign results and conversion rates
  • Developing new ideas for digital and social media interaction with customers
  • Creating new marketing campaigns to be set up for automation

There are numerous ways B2C marketing automation can take over tasks for marketing professionals. Welcome messages, reminders, and many other lifecycle emails can easily be automated. Selligent’s omnichannel engagement solution addresses every task in the customer lifecycle in one easily manageable and automated platform.

2. B2C Marketing Automation Drives Conversions and Engagement

Marketers who use marketing automation experience increased engagement and conversions from their websites and campaigns like never before. In fact, 77 percent of automation users saw their conversion rates increase. Customer interest, engagement, and conversions increase with automation because it:

  • Moves website visitors, subscribers, and followers through the sales funnel in real time
  • Offers personalized content specific to an individual’s online behavior and habits
  • Provides in-depth information explicit to what the customer wants in that moment

By offering customer interactions that are personalized and focused on an individual’s exact needs, Selligent Marketing Cloud’s marketing automation solution drives interest and engagement online.

3. B2C Marketing Automation Gives Companies a Competitive Edge

Marketing automation has already become a popular strategy for many successful companies, so the focus shifts to finding the most reliable, personalized platform out there. CEOs and marketers are turning to Selligent Marketing Cloud because it:

  • Helps improve data, efficiency, and execution with one single platform
  • Provides a solution with lower costs and an easily customizable system
  • Offers a greater impact on customers with an emphasis on 1-to-1 relationship marketing and personalization

More and more, marketers are abandoning one-off campaigns for the perks of marketing automation. By interacting with customers at the right time and in the right ways, B2C marketing automation can grow a company’s online following and engagement.

Selligent Marketing Cloud provides an integrated digital campaign platform that offers personalized and customer-focused content.

Drive traffic. Cut costs. Personalize your messaging. All automated across several integrated channels.

To grow your B2C engagement and audience using marketing automation, contact Selligent Marketing Cloud to get started today!

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